Azure AD and RDP

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So we are a cloud only shop and mostly do development on Macs, but we love Azure and use Windows when needed. We don't actually have Windows running on any "real" computer, but use VMs. The only way for us to use these Windows "devices" is through RDP - we don't actually even have the VMs running on our own laptops so as not to hurt performance. It's either running in a Parallels VM on Mac desktops, or we're just now trying out a Windows 10 container on a Windows Server 2016 Azure VM using nested Hyper-V--really nice!! We use Azure AD to manage authentication for all users, since we are Office 365 based.


So here's the problem. We are using RDP clients on Mac's and iPads. Since we connect the Windows 10 "devices" to Azure AD and we set up users with their Office 365/AzureAD usernames, we found out you have to log in to the Windows machine as AzureAD\ So on the Mac what happens is you get a failed login, and it gives you the Windows login screen. You can then edit the username to add the AzureAD\ and put in your password and it works great. But on the iPad, you get a failed authentication and it never shows you the login page.


So the question is is there anyway around this problem on the iPads and anyway to get the Mac login to be smoother.

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