Autopilot Win 10 device, Credential Manager shows Windows reference with name "Windows Identity"

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We are using intune and Autopilot for all laptop devices. First we install some image on the laptop. Then you can start the laptop and see the autopilot wizard. After the user enters he's  organisation emailadres and password, and finish the wizard, he can login on Windows 10. In Windows 10 Office 2016 (Outlook, Skype for business, Word, Excel etc..) is already installed.


When I check the Credential Manager, I see a Windows Reference with the name "Windows Identity". Can someone tell me what this reference is needed for?


I am not sure, but I think this is the cached credentials of the user which login on the device.


after login skype - kopie.png

Extra info:


We are using a RADIUS server, Active Directory onpremises and Azure AD. The device will receive a certificate automatically when he is using some wifi with internet connection (for example the hotspot of your phone). When the certificate is succesfully received in the personal certificate store, the user can connect to our internal RADIUS wifi by certificate (without credentials). The device can use the intune app "Company Portal" to check if it is compliance.

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Hi Khalid,


If I ready your post correctly you're saying that you take a new device, image it and then use AutoPilot? Is that correct? If it is, why do you need to image the new device at all? Is the 'w.jans...' user identity one from your business?