MSIX Labs and Training Videos - Now Available!
Published Jul 22 2019 12:51 PM 12.3K Views

We are happy to announce the public availability of MSIX Training Labs.  The labs have been used in various workshops across the globe and we have made these labs available for everyone to benefit. 


The MSIX Training Labs contain a series of hands-on exercises geared at enabling people to become more familiar with different aspects of MSIX.   From the MSIX packaging tool, to adding a package support framework, or just becoming familiar with some of the command line tools, the labs are a great place to get started for folks looking to learn more about MSIX.


One thing we wanted to do different from other labs is we posting all the content and source code for the demo apps to GitHub, enabling people to add new exercises to the lab.  If you have ideas for new exercises add an issue or feel free to contribute to the project. 

To get started you can use any Windows 10 1809 or even easier you can use the MSIX Packaging Tool quick create VM (details here) and the content posted on Github. 


All the content to get started is available here:  


In addition to the MSIX Labs we also have some updated training videos.  The MSIX overview video talks through the core concepts of MSIX. We recommend watching the overview training video prior to performing the labs.


MSIX Training Overview:

MSIX Training for Developers:

MSIX Training Evolving Enhancing Desktop Apps v2:

The below videos are a walk-through of training labs 1 - 4.

MSIX Training Exercise 1:

MSIX Training Exercise 2:

MSIX Training Exercise 3:

MSIX Training Exercise 4:


Check them out and let us know what you think!


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)




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