Your Phone Companion-Link to Windows: Azerty PC Keyboard switches to Qwerty, no matter what you do.

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It is impossible to define the keyboard of my PC as being an Azerty. Whatever you changes you make to the Samsung Keyboard definitions. And so what I type appears as …

" I bought q Sq;sung S10 qnd tested the Zindozs Link? "

Problem appears to be a known bug, but never solved
This bug  makes the "Link to Windows" rather useless, in French -speaking environments.
I guess the problem is linked to the Samsung  keyboard driver "Samsung_MDX_virtual_keyboard" which is loaded when linked to the PC.

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I have the same problem.

Devices  used to test:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Android 10 latest version

Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9.

Windows 10 laptop.


My laptop keyboard is set a local keyboard layout (Belgium AZERTY in my case). My Android device's keyboard settings (both for physical and on-screen keyboards) are ALL set to this local layout as well. However, when typing on my laptop's localized keyboard, in the Phone Screen function, a QWERTY layout is used on the Android device. (Note: in Your Phone's Messages function, the correct keyboard layout is used). No changes in settings could correct this erroneous behavior. 

The problem is solved with the latest update of the Link to Windows App in Samsung Store.

Thank you
Thank you for the update. It is indeed solved.



Indeed solved for the Samsung keyboard but not for the Microsoft Swifkey keyboard. :( 


My env : 

  • Samsung Galaxy A50, Android 10 2020-09-28
  • W10 Familly 1903 - build 18362.1082
  • Phone Companion-Link to Windows :

Je confirme que le correctif ne fonctionne que pour le clavier Samsung.



I am using Swiftkey, and I can confirm that it does work correctly with that keyboard as well.


(Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, latest versions of Android and Windows OS and all apps installed)


Pour le galaxy s20+, il suffit de modifier le setting du clavier physique :

setting 1 swiftkey.jpgSetting 2 swiftkey.jpg


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@mdon7dh unfortunately it just happened again recentely
When using "your phone" app on Windows, I"m again stuck with US (qwerty) layout

@gpion I found an easy fix, go to your property/app/samsung keyboard and locate the three dot at the upper right of the screen then un-install update. 

2 yrs later and still not working. Tried Microsoft Swift Keyboard, Samsung, Physical, etc. Set everything to AZERTY everywhere, and yet .... always bloody QWERTY when I type. 'a' becomes 'q' , etc. Sorry Microsoft guys or Samsung guys, but there are other non-QWERTY parts of the world where people want to use your software.
Lucky you are that fix has worked for you.
From several month I didn't faced that issue and today it's back again
I confirm this is still a problem in 2022-12-14.
I still have this problem in January 2023. I am using a Samsung S10+ with the Google keyboard. AZERTY is displayed on the windows of my app, and the keyboard of my PC (Windows 11) is also in AZERTY, so why it's typing in QWERTY...


I faced the same problem today as I was starting using this great application

My whatsapp application was displayed in French, French GBoard, but when typing on my Azerty keyboard on my PC, I got Z in place of A


Searched in parameters on both sides, and finally found the solution

On the top menu, clic and select keyboard language




Here you are !!

It's September 2023 and I am still struggling with the same problem; it seems that these two multi-billion company are unable to solve that problem. in my Huawei phone there is no some nonsense "Samsung_MDX_virtual_Keyboard" it works perfect there is no need for middleman "virtual keyboard" it is just like attaching my laptop keyboard to the phone. why you bother us with a "virtual keyboard" when we have a physical one?! PLEASE FIX IT