Your Phone app should mark the SMS as Read in our phone after opening it in Your Phone app.


Your Phone app should mark the SMS as Read in our phone after opening it in Your Phone app. but currently it doesn't. when i open received text messages in my Your Phone app on Windows 10 and then after that go to my Android 9 phone and open the messages app, the received SMSs are Not read and i have to manually open and close them one by one to mark them as read.


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@HotCakeX Would love this feature. I use Your Phone very often for SMS during the day; by the end of the day, I've got a huge backlog of "unread" messages on my phone that I have to manually clear out. Would be real nice to have that sync automatically. (If apps even support that API. Don't know.)

Exactly my issue,
I think it's possible, Your Phone app on the Android is their hook. it already has the permission to read messages, marking them as read is a lower priority permission

@HotCakeX Thanks for posting this. This feature is a must. I will upvote it on the feedback hub also. 

Anyone know if this will ever be a feature. App is still unable to mark messages read on my S9 running Android 10 and Windows 10 My phone app.

This is ridiculous that we can't do a simple function like mark messages read and delete messages. I have to keep checking back because I don't know if I've got new messages or not! I'm done with this until you get basic functionality done. Android messages works just fine in my PC.

Still the same problem on Win 11 beta. Fingers crossed it gets resolved on release...

@HotCakeX I was really surprised to see this and other basic functionality missing. Your Phone app as it stands is a glorified bluetooth headset. You can't mark messages as read, you can't delete messages, you can't even search messages. We're lucky we have whatsapp and whatsapp web...