Your diagnostics settings are preventing this device from getting insider builds

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Since yesterday morning I have been getting this message popup in notifications and it links to the Windows insider Programme tab in settings, under Windows Update.
The Windows insider Programme tab under Windows Update is showing blank after a brief connection icon spinning. 

Not sure what this means or how to resolve.

I am on Insider Fast build 19624 200502-1339


I have put in  feedback hub for this, but not seen any response.

Any help to resolve?

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Oddly this seems to have resolved itself this morning after a rebbot.
Have not made any changes.

Must have been a glitch somewhere MS end and was not relaying the info.

The latest build is now downloading to install.

@lettice Glad this issue is automatically resolved!


If it occurs again, we can change Diagnostic data settings at Settings app > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback.