Xbox controller bluetooth doesn't work

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I have a problem with my xbox (one) controller. The controller doesn't connect via bluetooth to my computer and the with cable my computer doesn't recognise it ( Xbox accessories App). when I go to the device manager I can see this ( look at the picture below sorry my computer is in french).
I tried cleaning my computer from junk files, deleting the drivers and reinstalling them, nothing.
When I try to link the controller with my computer with bluetooth my computer says the exact same thing as this post : 
The controller works just fine with my phone, so the problem lies with my OS which is windows 11. 

Thank you for helping me !

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Hi Will There be windows 11 in october 5 2021 for xbox consoles



I have exactly the same issue. When will get that fixed?




Personally it’s fixed now I don’t know how though. I bought a wire controller from a store played with it for about a week the. Suddenly wanted to try out the Xbox controller and it worked nicely. After that I decided to not have a windows update ever again on windows 11 until they fix all the major problems


For some reason, it works for me today. I just started my pc this afternoon and the driver got installed, very strange.

A similar problem, only restarting the PC helps...
A similar problem! When will Microsoft fix this bug?
I have an issue with the Xbox controller in Windows 11.

The Bluetooth is connected, however in some games the controller keep push a key of the top direction.

In those games, I connect by cable type C to the PC and works correctly.

So, I think is a problem with the driver or the Bluetooth communication. Something is failing.