Xbox app isn't recognizing games I own and still lets me buy them if they are part of a bundle


Windows 10 build 20262.1010

Xbox app version 2012.1001.5.0


I own Sea of thieves, now there is a different edition of the game, called Sea of thieves: Black Friday Special Edition, which contains the base game and a few cosmetics.


I go through all of the steps of purchase; enter my Windows 10 Pin and I can continue until fully re-purchasing it!


Expected behavior:

1. I should be prevented from buying the title when I press Buy, even the Buy button shouldn't be available since I have the game already. 

2. if the base game can be separated from the cosmetic stuff, deduct the base game's price and only charge for the cosmetics.


I've seen other similar posts before, if you are experiencing the same thing please add your problem details to this feedback:


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