WSL2 still hopelessly broken an Build 19041.113

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I have been trying to get WSL2 to work on the slow ring for weeks. It seems the steam has run out on the github page as replies and things to try have totally dried up.


I just now tried removing and re-adding WSL and VirtualMachine from the optional features (with reboot in between) and deleted the wsl2 machines I had installed already. I installed the new kernel as well according to the wsl2 instructions.

I then tried to install both debian and OpenSuse and in both cases when I get to trying to enter a user name I get "The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced" (see the attached snip).


Where do we go from here? I need wsl2 to be able to try and use some of the net tools that don't work on wsl1.




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Hi, a new slow ring build was released 2 days ago, try updating your OS and see if the problem still persists