WSL 2 on Build 21390

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Hello Everyone, 



I'm an insider (was), and my PC does not meet the requirement for win11 insider builds so I've been using build 21390. However, I believe i've reached the expiry date and now my pc is asking me to update to a later revision (win11). I used windows insider so that i can use wsl2. 


My actual Problem: 

I can no longer access my wsl ( \\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu-20.04\home\ ), instead i now get the message: 

"The data is invalid.

[process exited with code 4294967295]"


What I'm Hoping for: 

I'd like to recover the data on my wsl. onto a usb/external disc, then i plan to flash a new OS onto the machine, but before i do this, i REALLY need that data on wsl2. 


Could someone please help me? and thank you for your time 

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For anyone wanting a solution to this problem in the future, i fixed it by setting the date on my pc to sometime before the expiry date. then you can access \\wsl$\

@dexters_lsland  Hi

Please refer to the documentation:

Install WSL | Microsoft Docs

But it seems that on an expired build WSL will not work - I think you must first

perform a clean installation of Windows.