WSL 2 on Build 21390

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Hello Everyone, 



I'm an insider (was), and my PC does not meet the requirement for win11 insider builds so I've been using build 21390. However, I believe i've reached the expiry date and now my pc is asking me to update to a later revision (win11). I used windows insider so that i can use wsl2. 


My actual Problem: 

I can no longer access my wsl ( \\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu-20.04\home\ ), instead i now get the message: 

"The data is invalid.

[process exited with code 4294967295]"


What I'm Hoping for: 

I'd like to recover the data on my wsl. onto a usb/external disc, then i plan to flash a new OS onto the machine, but before i do this, i REALLY need that data on wsl2. 


Could someone please help me? and thank you for your time 

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For anyone wanting a solution to this problem in the future, i fixed it by setting the date on my pc to sometime before the expiry date. then you can access \\wsl$\

@dexters_lsland  Hi

Please refer to the documentation:

Install WSL | Microsoft Docs

But it seems that on an expired build WSL will not work - I think you must first

perform a clean installation of Windows.

I still don't understand what broke. I too have this issue but I've never upgraded to 11. Nor can I lacking the TPM on my mother board. WSL was supposed to make doing my back end development on windows easier but now it another headache for me to deal with before I can code.

Is this a permanent fix or do I need to change that date every time?
Quality at Microsoft has been slipping.


Hi, as far as I know Microsoft is continuing the project only for Windows11, This build has expired and will not work.

Updating from an expiring Insider Preview build - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs