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Won't let me update to Windows 11

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I followed the instruction for the update to Windows 11 from Windows 10


  1. Used PC Health Check to check if it was compatable
  2. Fixed all the issues that came up i.e. enabling TPM 2.0
  3. Health Check says it is now compatable for Windows 11


But when I go to install it through the Windows Update section in Settings it says "PC currently doesn't meet the system requirements for Windows 11" 


But PC Health Check says otherwise, and to my knowledge it does meet all the correct requirements


How can I fix this problem and update to Windows 11?

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I think you have to wait, certainly not all computers in the world that - meet the requirements for Windows11 will receive the update now!
A staged installation allows you to check the new version on selected computers.
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@LukeBuchan  hi, im facing the same issue now, did you got the update after waiting for some time???

Yes after a day it fixed itself in settings, it is saying I have to wait for it to be released in my country (Scotland) but as far as I can see it has sorted itself out.
ok thank you so much
Similar if not exact same thing happened to me. My computer couldnt upgrade to windows 11 because of the TMP 2.0 not being enabled. Enabled it in BiOS after several restarts and updates in windows 10 the windows setting could not see that is was compatible even though it was compatible from the health check standpoint. Downloaded it instead using this link:
Helped me install it on my computer pretty easily hope it helps someone else.



You've probably downloaded a media creation tool – creating a USB flash drive – to install Windows11.

This thread was about the first days when Windows11 was made available to not all computers at the same time.

thank you for sharing your solution.

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Thanks for clearing that up, didnt check out the dates so I completely missed that. 


Have a good day.

No! Buya you saved me from despair. I activated TPM 2.0, and PC Health Check said it is good to install. But Windows Update still refused to let me update!!! going to the link you provided let me skip the Windows Update glitch. it is downloading 11 right now and going perfectly! no flash drive required.
Microsoft fix the non windows supported stuff so that all windows 10 laptops and pcs can upgrade to windows 11 without any issue and most people can't afford to buy a new laptop or pc so we can get windows 11 without go through a back door of sorts I've updated my laptop and it's a 64 bit and yes it probably fits all the stuff needed for it but unfortunately u say it can't update to windows 11