Windows11 stable version - will there be an update available for Insider Program participants ?

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Of course everyone wants to see how the stable version of Windows11 works, but participants of the

Insider Program would also like to have that opportunity - without having to unregister their device.

How to do it?

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Thousands of committed and dedicated people are waiting for this explanation
for the development of Windows!
Nope, you cannot join Windows Insider Program without register your device with your account. I mean that's the way you to test with new release...


Hello friend.

That was not the query!

If someone is in the Insider Program and already has a Dev version. or Beta - it can not have an installation of Windows11 in the stable version without a clean installation of Widows10 and unregistering the device from Insider Programs!

you need a solution – a switch like one for changing the channel – or another simple solution!

I think this is understandable now!   

Yes - a switch would be a simple and helpful solution !
Surely many people will opt out of the Insider Program to install a stable version of Windows11
Microsoft - study this!
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ah I see... but for now I think you have to leave the WIP then have to perform a clean installation. Personally, I hope that MS can came up with a solution which offer a forth channel option for us to be quick and easy to jump to the official release of Windows 11 and cover all of the rest... lol
So great!
There really are a lot of new Insider participants - who joined the testing for Windows11 - and now want the stable version !

Microsoft has left its developer build users in the dust with this, and I demand they look into letting us upgrade without a reinstallation. I've spent a couple years on the previous installation, and have used countless builds of windows and was able to upgrade to full stable or beta clients. Now I have to be stuck and do a clean installation!? For what reason!? I have tons of software with registry keys that would take days to back up, I wouldn't even know where to start. I want a solution to this immediately.


Do your work, Microsoft, stop messing around. 

Yes it's true!
It's just that there are a lot of things that are unclear – a Microsoft employee referred people to Support Microsoft – that's a lack of coordination!
It's a joke!
Replying from another thread, it seems today (or two days ago) we finally got a new build. Let's hope and see if we can at least go to a beta build this time. And yeah, it is ridiculous that their "support" just keeps praising all of the problems that are going on with these newer builds. Absolutely ridiculous.

Nope, seems Microsoft has **bleep**ed us again.


I do not understand what new version?

From the announcements it appears that there is no Dev release of a newer version for Windows10?

Zrzut ekranu 2021-10-30 205343.png

Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs



In this blog there is confirmation that even lowering the channel with Dev. requires a clean installation of the system - which will remove everything and reinstall the system.

I think you have to remember that!

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22504 | Windows Insider Blog