windows update not working in build 21322

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I keep getting message "Update not working.  Wait and restart settings" after i installed build 21322.  I am hoping build 21327 fixes this, but i am unable to get build 21327 as update is not working.  Is there a manual download for build 21327?

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no ISO was released for 21327.
you can use the Windows update troubleshooter in Windows settings to try fix the problem

@HotCakeX The windows troubleshooter does not work.  2 error windows open and close and that's all i get

in that case I suggest performing a reset from Windows settings => update and security => recovery

you can use the cloud download feature if you think the files in Windows might be corrupted
I have rolled it back to build 21318 and tried to update. However, it only pulls update 21322. And, same issues persist.
Something must have gone wrong there in the OS
same issue is occurring on 2 computers (Surface Pro 4 and Dell E7470). I will stay at earlier build and check updates until it sees 21327 or later. Don't think there is much else i can do at this point, unless anyone has better suggestion(s)??