windows update keep pushing update and corrupting my update driver

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 27.20.14032.13003 

this update keeps pushing to install even though i have  the recent and updated driver is there any fix on this

i cant use my windows update cause this update will be installed again and will corrupt my drivers again

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I found a way to solve the problem. I went to Device Manager and selected the AMD monitor adapter. Right clicked and choose properties and here I selected install the previous driver version (if you experience performance issues with the current driver version). After this it switched back from the 27.20.14032.13003 to the 30.0.13031.1001 version and if I afterwards go to “windows update” it won’t install the (older) AMD driver anymore. Also the AMD software version 21.10.3 works again after going back to 30.0.13031.1001.