Windows Update Error Code 0xc0000005 (Build 22471)

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Hi, I am having issues trying to update from version 22471 to any version that gets released. I am in the Dev channel and have been successfully getting and installing all updates leading up to this one. I did manage to get to the version that was released the week after this one. I was having issues with that version so I reverted back to 22471. I think that this might have caused the issue, but I'm not sure. I have had a few different error codes when installing the updates, but after following fix tutorials for those error codes I end up getting to the error code 0xc0000005 and then being stuck.

However, the strange thing is, if I am not watching the update in the settings app (the settings app isn't open and the update tries to install without me knowing, it will get to the stage where it is ready to restart to complete the install.

Once the update has reached the 3rd and final section of the restarts phase (after the 33% and up section that installs/activates the drivers to allow multiple screens to work) it gets so far through and then restarts and undoes the changes and I end up back on 22471. I have tried updating to the ISO version that is higher than the one I am on, but that fails before reaching restart. And I have tried every version that has come out since to see if it works. But no luck. I have used the troubleshooter on windows update and it detects an issue but doesn't fix it. I have used CHKDSK & sfc /scannow and that haven't worked. Is there any way to force the update past the final stage of the update even if it could cause an issue that can be fixed by updating to the one after it or something? I really just want to get to the next/current version.

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