Windows update error 0x80070643 for Windows 11 Pro

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I'm having issues in using windows update as I'm getting error for 2021-10 .NET 5.0.11 Security Update for Windows 11 for x64 Client (KB5007051) and 2021-10 .NET Core 3.1.20 Update for Windows 11 for x64 Client (KB5007050). I've tried to reset the windows update, I've run DISM and SFC and nothing seems to fix it. 


Can someone help me please?

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@Al3xI98O Seems to have disappeared after Win 11 pro 1-11-2022 WUS round of updates and restarts.


No error present now.

The error is still there for me. 

I already have tried many solutions, reinstall .NET, manual update, command SFC and others, Visual Studio...

Finally, I reinstall the system. When I was on a virgin system, windows update worked, then 1 or 2 days after the error comes back.

I only installed few things, some drivers, Flyelise (SimPitWarp + Bonjour), NVIDIA stuffs, Steam, Target (Thrustmaster)

Those software didn't create issues on another computer with Windows 10.


Any ideas ?