Windows Update 2004 failures

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There are numerous threads that claim this update, the 2004 20H2, is killing their systems. It either takes too long, of it fails to install, or it kills the system. I have been on it for, what, since the May update, and getting the same complaints. And it appears that MS just keeps rolling along like nothing is wrong. They are rolling out update, after update, and they are failing a large portion of the customer base. Look at and you'll see what I am seeing.

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Hello @djbillyd,


Please provide your feedback to Windows engineering team via Feedback hub app. You can launch the app by pressing Windows key + F.




"kills the system"
that's very broad and inaccurate to be honest.

also in that link they say not to turn off desktop or laptop when the device restarts. I do that and when I turn on the device again, it continues its job. I also do this during initial setup of Windows 10 (clean install).


Windows 10 will be tested internally with Windows team and then they release regular build to Windows Insiders who are users who contribute in testing Windows before release to everyone and when testing there was in acceptable level, then Windows will be released to more stable devices and slowly offer to other devices. In such method, it is less likely to face any failure or error and based on my experience such issues are very minor. However, consider large number of devices with different configurations such problem might happen.

Therefore, in case you face any problem, you may ask in Microsoft forums or/and send report through Feedback Hub app , so Windows team could investigate and they will work on improving experience for Windows users globally.

You mentioned about "large portion of the customer" which is wrong, there are too many successful installer and such failures compare to number of succeed installation is minor and Windows team working hard to resolve these issues and improving user experience.