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Hello again,


    Windows Security not working anymore, anyone knows how to fix or does it need fix from Microsoft itself? The PowerShell way does not work, and yes, it was on admin.

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Hello @qaab101,


See if this fix helps you:


If issue still persists, try performing a repair upgrade:


Let us know if this helps!


Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.

Hello Arya,

I've tried the Powershell and it never worked.
Here is a screenshot

Also about the Repair Upgrade wouldn't work because my files wouldn't be saved.
I have done all of these steps using the sfc scan/now or something like that and every power shell, command prompt, and terminal command to fix the fact that windows security is not even considered a installed app on my computer. Whenever i open it up its just a blank screen and I have no windows 11 window security troubleshooter in my other troubleshooters. Please help.
Would you mind elaborate your issue in details?
Are you seeing any error message?
Did you installed any Anti-Malware product before the problem started?