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Dear All,

I mistakenly entered into windows insider programe. Now, I am facing issues in searching files, emails, etc. because Windows Search service is not working properly. It get stop frequently.

I am not provided help from microsoft support team due to windows insider programe. Hence, request you to help me in this regard so that I could search my files, email msg, etc.


Current build version of your Windows: 22000.194

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Windows Insider Preview Builds may have some early issues. I suggest you to report the issues you're facing via Feedback hub app. Additionally, if you upgrade to a newer build, those issues may be fixed.

@KapilAryaThanks for your reply! How to go feedback hub and how to upgrade to a newer build, please suggest me.

The Insider program compilations are not intended to work - they are not production versions , you currently have the latest version , so the update will be automatic.
Maybe it is better for you to resign from the Insider program to return to the stable version of Windows10?

@A1-A1, Yes I want to resign from the Insider program to return to the stable version of Windows10 but how can do this without any App loosing?? Please help in this.


Please familiarize yourself with this discussion .

What channel did you register in?

I think you will need a clean install of Windows10 - apps need to be reinstalled.