Windows preview build 18941 is failing to install

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From last couple of weeks I am having trouble of installing the update for the preview build 18936 and now 18941 update preview build. In both the case I am getting BSOD error and the message is Driver Overran Stack Buffer. Please let me know if any one has face this issue and resolved it.

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@Souvik I've been having the same issue.  I've started removing non-essential hardware from the system to see if it fixes the issue.  No luck yet.



Since the recent fast ring insider builds are having problem to install using Windows update, you can use this method instead, i've been using it for a while and never had any issues.


use this website:

click on browse the list of known builds

select your preferences

download using aria2 and convert


after download extract the files into a folder and run the CMD file. let it finish downloading and it will automatically make an ISO file of that build. it is OFFICIALLY downloaded from Microsoft servers, NOT 3rd party servers.

Microsoft is supposed to do it for the insider users but well they don't so we have to do it ourselves.

Thanks for your suggestions.But one thing need to know that, how I will install that update after downloading
After you've done all the steps, it will give you an ISO file. then you have many ways to install/upgrade your OS.
you can click on the ISO file to mount it, then double click on the setup.exe and upgrade your current insider build with it. very easy
you also can choose to make a bootable DVD/USB via tools like and put the ISO file into it, only for clean installation.