Windows Opted Me Out Of Skip Ahead After A Sudden Restart

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The question I had was that with the Insider Previews, there are two sides; one is the active development and the other is Skip Ahead. I was opted into Skip Ahead, but my PC shut off for an unknown reason and, now, I've been opted out of Skip Ahead and back to Active Development. Is there a way for me to go back to Skip Ahead, besides after the Fall Creators Update is released?
And by the way, I didnt want to opted out. It opted me out on its own.
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Hi Eddrick,

I also wanted to post something similar, because after resetting Windows (for why I needed it is another story), and then I lost my Skip Ahead status... I have reported it via the Insider Hub but didn't have any response...

I wonder why there weren't any response to your message...