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hi, im insider, but windows insider program not worked, me need windows 11 build 22000.51 iso file. support write me what there i get link.

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@A1 This windows 10, me need win 11

Hello @Nastya6996,

At the moment there is no ISO to be downloaded to install Windows 11 provided from Microsoft.

So the only way to update is to get to the Insider DEV channel and if your PC is supported you can download it.

I see lots of people reporting that their Hardware does not have TPM 2.0 so they cannot update to Windows 11. 

it's a lie

Hello @Nastya6996,


Atm, you need to upgrade via Windows Update only as Windows 11 ISO file for preview build is not released yet.



im insider
this windows 10, my Windows Insider Program not worked
properly you must first do a clean installation for Windows10 and then update to win11! in dev channel