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Hello, I have registered for the Windows Insider program, but I never used it, I never installed a Windows Insider OS, I also never synced my Windows OS to my Microsoft account, I use a Windows Local Account. I want to unregister from Windows Insider program, but when I go to that website, it does not load, it merely hangs, it spins and spins. If you click these links, it will load the inital website front page, but if you follow their instructions and sign into your MS Account, it will freeze.


I have tried this in 2 different browsers, I have disabled all my ad blockers, and all other extensions. I tried it on 2 different operating systems, I signed in and out, I closed and reopened my browsers and the result was exactly the same.


I want to be very clear with you, I am here for a Microsoft Account issue. I am not here for a Windows system settings technical issue. I am not here to fix Windows or to change Windows Settings. I never installed a Windows Insider OS version, and I do not use that.
I am asking how to successfully manually discontinue my subscription to the
Windows Insider program. Microsoft's website to leave the Windows Insider program simply does not work under any circumstances. Please help me manually discontinue my subscription to the
Windows Insider program.


Intelligent, mentally stable, good listener responders only please, thank you.

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Hi @User537843 


If it's a personal Microsoft account that you used to sign up for the Insider Program, check out who has access to it.


I'm having the same issue. Except i'm stuck in the dev channel

Hi @AresWare 

A clean installation of a stable version of Windows is the only solution in your case if you want to leave Insider 

It does not matter to unregister if you do not configure the Insider program settings on this computer again - you will not receive an evaluation version.

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Andrzej1, please reread my post, I was very clear that this was a account issue, not a Windows issue. are answering a different question that I asked.


Only -> Microsoft support has access to confidential information (account) -> MTC is a public forum in which users help (or try to help)

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