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So basically im not receiving any windows update its only updating if i do it manually through the media creation tool. It says my windows is up to date however on the insider page it says the following.



Furthermore, its not allowing me to switch channels only says the unenrollment thing however it doesnt let me unenroll either. It was like this for 2 months even before the manual update

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Hi, please check if you have enabled (optional diagnostic data) in your privacy settings?

Do you have a VPN?

Do you have a third-party antivirus?

Troubleshooting - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

optional diagnostic data is enabled
I do not have any vpn turned on
And neither do i have any third party antivirus


What channel are you in, what kind of build do you currently have?

Does your PC meet the requirements for Windows11?

Hello @tahaawan,


Try to reset Windows Update, see if that helps:



Let us know if this helps!

i used to be in release preview channel, and yes it meets the requirements for windows 11
doesnt seem to make any difference


If I understood correctly, you download the iso from the insider and update it in place - is that how you do it?

still no one here knows what kind of Windows builds you currently have because the RP channel - there is no watermark and this is the stable version of Windows, so please explain it Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

This is the latest version in the RP channel:

Releasing Windows 11 Build 22621.898 to the Release Preview Channel | Windows Insider Blog


@Andrzej1 i manually installed the iso file for the latest available build however this is the one it installed.Since its been a few months since its been like this im not sure when it took me off the insider program builds




The message is correct - your version is a stable version of Windows, so log in Insider program according to the previous information and download the ISO of any channel and update in place.

Surely you have done a clean installation of Windows, and this has resulted in the removal of the Insider :)


November 8, 2022—KB5019980 (OS Build 22621.819) - Microsoft Support


@Andrzej1 i downloaded and installed this one from the insider website that picture was taken after the installation


from the following link


So the problem solved?

because you can download iso Beta the same way, Dev. as you can see you did it yesterday so it looks good

@Andrzej1  Problem isnt solved since my insider update page still says this 




Is Windows activation synced with your Insider account?

If you are logged in correctly, your account should automatically be shown as logged in on the registration page.

Getting started with the Windows Insider Program

How do i check if my Windows activation synced with my Insider account
My windows is activated


Why did you use this app to unzip the ZIP?

I have long since uninstalled it, it may be worth checking what applications you have installed, sometimes they also have administrator rights and this may cause an error.

My apps arnt causing any issues i usually don't install sketchy apps