windows insider removal fails

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i am trying to get out of the insider program but its not getting off and still its here 

and i am getting updates for insider update plz help if anyone good at it 

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Hi, What build of Windows - do you have installed?

I have downloaded windows 10 version 22h2 (os build 19045.2604) @A1
can u help me out? plz


19045.2788 - This is the latest version of Windows10 (optional) does not have Beta, Dev, for Windows10.

So I don't understand your problem?

i also don't know any idea how its happening.can we talk somewhere so u can help me out like insta ?


You have a stable version of Windows10 - you do not need to install anything - if you did a clean installation of Windows ( then the Insider configuration has been removed ) so the update instances ( certainly are not Insider )

Do you want to install Windows11 Insider? - I'm just guessing because you didn't share enough information to understand your problem?