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I have a problem with the windows Insider program. I have this message (we need to restart your PC before you can start getting insider preview builds. I restarted many times but nothing changes.

Thanks for your help 

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what is your current version and edition of Windows 10?
also which insider ring were you trying to participate in?
version 1909 (18363.535) and the ring is release preview
Try slow or fast rings, release preview ring has nothing to offer at the moment, they just finished getting 1909 ready so now that it is in stable release, you need to either switch to slow or fast ring :)
But I cannot access the menu, the windows insider program, as I said on my post.


Right, sorry :)

check your system restore and see if there is a restore point that you can use to go back in time where you hadn't enabled Insider program yet.


you can also move your important files from your C drive to other drives and then do a clean install of Windows 10 straight to insider fast or slow ring using ISO files



Ok, I will try. Let you know if it works.
You're welcome, Good luck!
Hi, I just solved my problem. I downloaded the ISO Slow Preview and restarted my computer 2 times.
Thanks for your help
Great, you're welcome and happy early Christmas!
Computer is downloading windows insider update. It keeps freezing during the installation, running on 1909 home.
Slow or fast ring?