windows insider program with my digital license product key

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I'm Sarah Hanna I'm deaf 

I installed the windows insider program on this laptop that is not belongs to me and I just want my product key to be deactivate for this laptop is LP-630339.  can you help me solve this problem

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Are you asking how to opt out of the Insider program on this computer?
Hello thank you for reply me back

Im asking for deactivate my digital license for this laptop with windows insider program because it is not my laptop
But Windows will stay on this computer?
Do you want to no longer receive Insider builds?
What channel are you registered with?
No i dont want to stay windows insider program my is beta and i cant do anything with this laptop becaise it asked for username and password that i don’t have it amd i want it to be remove also my digital license product key too
I think you need support from the Microsoft Store.
If you have bought a license in your own name, I think it is possible.
Here in the public forum you can only get suggestions, so you need to contact Microsoft directly
Good luck.'