Windows insider program joining error

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I want to join the Windows 10 program. Due to some reason it gives me an error message and I am using Windows 10 latest operating systems. Please resolve this issue

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Have you tried restarting?
Do quick test and try run the Windows Update and see whether it works or are you seeing any error message?
Try signing out of your Microsoft account in Windows, restart, sign in, and try this again.

if that didn't help, you can try signing out of your Microsoft account, make a different Admin user, delete your previous user completely, (make sure to back your data in user directory), then connect your Microsoft account to the new user, and try Windows insider join again.

if that also fails, I suggest Resetting your Windows from Settings => update and security => Recovery => Reset this PC
Make sure your Microsoft account is verified. Also, ensure that you've set Diagnostics & feedback settings to Full. For more information, refer:
Hi Kapil Arya .Very reasonable suggestion especially for beginners, because by default full diagnostics is not enabled - and this is the basis of which is worth reminding even if someone wants to get involved, there is no internal account is also very valuable for everyone! Good luck Andrew