Windows insider preview 10.0.25336.1010 fails to download.

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Windows Insider Preview 10.0.25336.1010 fails to download. Gets to 8% then fails Download Error - 0xffff0000. I have tried the troubleshooting but still same result. Previous update 25330 also failed with the same error. I am currently running build 25314. Any help would be much appreciated.

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As you know the insider build is under the testing and development.
I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

Of course we know is an insider preview!!!

.....I also get this error: 0xc1900104 @Reza_Ameri 


Hi, this is an old bug, you can check these steps:

“We couldn’t update system reserved partition” error installing Windows 10 - Microsoft Support

Downloading the ISO is the simplest solution (an in-place update should fix this)

Download Windows Insider Preview ISO (