Windows Insider not installed

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Windows Insider not installed
I have a problem,
It's been a while since I signed up for the Windows insider program, followed all the instructions and my whole computer is up to date,
now in settings, >> insider, the little button turns, then disappears, and nothing is displayed, I was never able to download the trial version,
In the end, I signed up but I have no insider updates
Thank you for your help !
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which build are you using right now?
you can find that out by going to Windows settings => System => About


Windows 10 famille 20H2, 


Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

Well that's the stable version of Windows 10, not insider.

you can get more info on how to join insider program here:

you can also download the ISO file and perform an in-place upgrade or clean install:
(I suggest this method if somehow you can't access insider settings in your current installation)


You did not read my original comment ... I am already registered, I have already seen this page, I have already tried the ISO image, but it does not change anything, that's why I wrote here, it's a PROBLEM

One of my suggestions above was to clean install it.
it's impossible to clean install using Windows 10 insider ISO and still land on a stable version of Windows 10.

FYI, clean install means making a bootable USB or DVD and completely format the C drive and install Windows from scratch.

Hello @Tio_Dep,


I suggest you to make clean install using Windows Insider Preview build ISO file:


After clean install, sign in with your Windows Insider MS account. You should be able to get Windows Insider program updates now.


Hope this helps!