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Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise is currently seeking out new members to participate in the evaluation of Enterprise features and corporate privacy scenarios using the Windows Insiders community and toolset. For more information on Olympia Corp, visit our home page at

The link to the survey to join Olympia is here.  Thank you!

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Sadly something went wrong cannot sign in. Had to go back to windows 8 then 8.1 to get back to the last update, windows insider.

I have started today with an Windows 10 1709 ISO within Hyper-V. I have no issues with signing in Olympia Corp. I'm on the Fast ring with Active development of Windows and upgrading to build 17035 right now. 

Took a spare PC at work and threw it on the Olympia Azure AD. Found out that having a spare PC to test this with isn't going to be the most effective so I also took my personal laptop from home and put it onto the Olympia Azure AD. Just finishing up the insider program pieces for the laptop now! Can't wait to dig in and prepare for the inevitable switch to Enterprise for my company.

Today I have received Olympia Corp account. I have Joined successfully on My Personal PC :) I am ruing latest windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 17046.

Gowrisha - this is great.  Thanks for the update. Pls find the Quests and run through them and give feedback using Feedback Hub.  Would be interested in your experiences.

Again - thank you for being an active Olympia member! 

I already run fast ring on my personal Surface Book 2, and it's not domain joined.  Trying to decide if I should join it to Enterprise using Olympia, but then all my Feedback Hub and such will be tied to that account instead of my personal MSA used for MVP activities.  I suppose I can boot it in a VM instead though.


There's no limitations on putting it in a VM right?  Would App Guard still work?  I want to think so since VMs can be nested.

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for your interest in Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise!

There are good App Guard requirements listed here.

Your VM does need nested virtualization capability. More on that here.

Hope to see you on Olympia. Here are the enrollment instructions and we will send you Olympia user ID and PW.