Windows insider build issue

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When I turned on my computer a green error screen popped up ( i put here an image as reference). Now i can't turn on my computer, is there any way I can fix this without having to lose all the files on my PC?
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Does it appear every time you turn on your PC?
Did you install any program, before this problem start?



Do you have a USB drive - system recovery?
Did you do a hard reboot?
Did the system automatically run the system file checker tool?

Yes, it does it everytime, also i haven't installed anything aside from some games.
Sorry but I don't really know what those things you mentioned are. Could you please explain if it could be of any help?


Please familiarize yourself, try this again: press the power off button for 20 seconds, then turn the computer back on, you can repeat it.

please write what you think?

I'm sorry but I still can't understand what I have to do