Windows Insider Build 25276 is not working

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Hi everyone.


Could you please help me with the correction of the latest build 25276? 


I reset my laptop and after this the build is not working with all features as print below:Screenshot 2023-01-15 150434.png


The new search's features are unavailable, but I don't know why.


Notes: I am using a work account. 


What can I do to all the features come back?



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I've reported this problem to Feedback hub on your behalf:

Kindly upvote the feedback to get this resolved in next build.

But do you know if only next build the problem is resolved to work account?
When the feedback have more upvotes, the engineering team takes it on priority. I can't assure you for next build, but it will be definitely resolved with upcoming builds.
Thanks. But the problem is not resolved with the new build.
when i connect to edge or chrome or netflix, crashes the os, always when i connect to the network but it must be a certain protocol.
it freezes, I'm desperate