Windows Insider build 18945: Text cursor randomly appears in places where it shouldn't

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Enabled text cursor and chose a custom color for it. now just randomly on some apps like Mail or Google chrome etc, the text cursor appears. sometime it's big like a vertical thin line and sometimes it's small in its normal size. I will post screenshots as soon as possible. my GPU is Intel 630 inside a 7700K. graphic driver installed and is latest version.



The image below is a cropped screenshot showing a part of my desktop and you can see the text cursor with its custom color shows up in a very odd place. though usually with a few random mouse movements it disappears.

Annotation 2019-07-27 023613.png


The Image below is a screenshot taken when browsing this same post inside Google Chrome Canary. and you can see that weird text cursor.


InkedAnnotation 2019-07-27 024109_LI.jpg




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Happening to me as well. latest insider build 18970. have to disable that feature when i'm watching a movie or show cause it appears randomly on my screen.