Windows Insider Build 17074 Update .1002 Text unreadable

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Installed Build 17074.1002 this morning and all text on Microsoft programs, desktop, Start Menu, and Settings missing characters and constantly disappearing text. I tried to use the Feedback Hub but could not Submit or read what I wrote. Currently using Chrome to communicate - not my default browser. This is a Surface Pro 4. 

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Did you installed any 3rd party services like Comodo Antivirus or firewall If YES, Try uninstalling those all 3rd Party Services on the PC?

Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

A similar issue:

Crashes with recent build prompted complete uninstall of Windows 10-rollback to Win 7. Problems were consistent with every update more frequent with longer duration of downloads. Reinstalled Windows 10 without Windows Insider. Will check forums for news.

I had not installed any 3rd Party Anti-Virus. I will try the system file checker and report on that. There was an update to the Microsoft Anti-virus this morning and that has had a great (good) effect. I can actually read on the Surface Pro  and am using it to send this. 

Following the Microsoft Anti-Virus update and a Restart all the problems disappeared. I did try a few other things to be sure but this solved the problem. There were 3 Anti-Virus updates on the day of the Build Release (17074.1002) however the one on the day following the release solved the problem. Thanks for the response and the link for the System File Checker. We are up and running.