Windows Explorer lag problems depending on Windows 10 Build

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Dear Windows 10 users

I just want your expert opinion on or insights into the problems below.



  • I have had a convertible HP Envy X360 15-bp0xx for three years now, and have had no problems with this for a long time.
  • I have all my files synced to my professional OneDrive account, so files on my desktop, for example, are immediately uploaded to OneDrive, and uploaded files in OneDrive are immediately downloaded vice versa to my desktop.
  • Right now, through the Windows Insider program, I'm using the build: Windows 10 Home Insider Preview, Build 19613.rs_prerelease.200417-1557. I made the update here last night.

The problem: Depending on the updates and thus the build of the Windows 10 instance running on my computer, a particularly annoying problem occurs in Windows Explorer where I keep experiencing the following problems:

  • When a file browser (ie the Explorer) is opened from another program, for example Google Chrome (or, for that matter, Microsoft Edge, any version), for example to upload a file or to download a file, this program hangs for a few seconds when the file browser is closed (regardless of whether the file is indeed being uploaded/downloaded, or whether "Cancel" is clicked): the buttons do not change their appearance when the mouse hovers over these buttons, nothing can be clicked ... only with the keyboard at that moment tabs can be closed (with [CTRL] + [W]) or switched between tabs (with [ALT] + [TAB]), but the program is also completely irresponsive for a few seconds. After a few seconds, the program will resume as usual, and the file will be uploaded/downloaded (or not, if "Cancel" was clicked).
  • When in any folder (including the desktop) in Windows Explorer undergoes a file move, rename, delete ..., the state of the file remains unchanged until Explorer is manually refreshed ([right click]> "Refresh"). A particularly annoying example: if I want to download a file and create a new folder in the file explorer of the browser, no new folder will appear unless I click "Refresh". When I click "Refresh", I see the new folder and a prompt to change the name of that new folder ("New Folder"). If I change that name and press enter to implement the name change, the name of the folder remains unchanged (so still "New folder"), and when I want to open New folder, I (rightly) get a notification that this folder does not exist. It is only when I click on "Refresh" that the name has been changed and I can go to the folder in question. These issues also occur outside of an explorer opened from a browser, so this is not a browser dependent issue.

These annoying problems only occur with certain builds. For example, at the moment, with the current Insider preview build, I don't have this problem. With the previous build (although I still owe you the exact build; is there a way to see what the previous build of the OS was, I'm passing this on?) I did have this problem; With the previous build I tried everything that can be found on the internet about non-automatically renewing explorers and faltering programs when opening internal file explorers, but this should not help. I have tried out some builds where this problem is present, and then got new builds through the Insider program that miraculously disappeared this problem.

Does this problem sound familiar to you? If so, do you have a way to avoid this in the future? What is the cause of this?


As mentioned, I would like to indicate which build was my previous build (this was a build outside of the "fast track" Insider program; last night I switched to the fast Insider program to see if the problem would be fixed, and that it is now), if you can explain to me how I check my previous build.

Thank you very much!



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You should test it with latest build and if problem exist in previous build and not new build it might have been fixed. However, whenever you face this issue again, make sure report it through Feedback Hub app and also demonstrate how to reproduce it.
Problems you described required review of log files and configuration of your system which is not possible in forum but when you file bug in Feedback Hub, necessary logs will be sent to Microsoft for review and analyze. Then they could investigate and fix this issue.