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Windows Defender is asking to send Sample submissions

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Windows Defender is asking to send Sample submissions. It is annoying for my users and its sending Caches, local database files, and other files. The App is signed with a EV certificate, made with Electron(Chromium). I want some clues or tips to stop it from happening, we are getting a lot of reports about it.

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You may just turned off the auto sample submission if you think that's so annoying..

@Little_Joe I want a solution as developer, some tip or advice to make Windows Defender to don't spam users using my application, that It's signed with EV certificate. Send sample submissions It's something enabled by default, so It's even more problematic.

In this case, I advise you to submit sample of files which being detect as suspicious to Microsoft Malware Protection Center:
You may submit as a developer and explain the problem you are facing.


Hi, in this case I totally agree, sending samples - will result in a check and probably there will be no further occurrences of MS. Defender -> regarding these files.



Thank you, going to try that
Welcome, glad it was helpful.