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Hello, how do I install ViveTool to use Windows Copilot? Build Version: Windows 11 Insider Preview 23493.1000 (ni_prerelease)

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Build 23493 already comes with Windows Copilot pre-installed, so you don't need to use third-party tool to get Copilot feature.


No malice intended but it's not much of a reply given how buggy Windows OS whatever version always turns out to be. Surely, you don't think it's as cut and dry as your answer makes it. It's one of those circle the wagons kind of answers apologists for Microsoft give. Sad if it wasn't sadder. Having said that I also had to use the ViveTool to get Copilot to work. Even stupid Bing AI didn't have a solution, and sadly Copilot is another instantiation of Bing AI, by far the worse LLM I've used, and I've tried many.

A more nuanced answer and one that would've been true would go something like: 

"Build 23493 already comes with Windows Copilot pre-installed, so you shouldn't need to use a third-party tool to get the Copilot feature but as we all know operating systems don't always work as they should, and an Insider Preview build is even more unpredictable so no surprise that a third-party tool might be the solution." And then either explain why the vivetool didn't work either, or admit you know nothing about it having never used it.

The solution as to how to get it ViveTool to work I'll post on a reply directly to Regular_User1025.


I'm making the assumption you've tried ViveTool because Copilot isn't working for you though your question doesn't make that clear, but your "how do I install" implies you've downloaded it and are having trouble getting it to work. No matter, a reply to your concern should cover the bases so, yes, for some users ViveTool will be necessary to get past the bugginess of Windows OS.
I had the same issue and used ViveTool, but it didn't work out the box. I got a flashing prompt window that wouldn't stay up and when it did it was blank. Next, I searched for a solution to fix the solution and got the usual wrong answers because it's the rule rather than the exception that sites just copy information from each other and don't have first hand

knowledge of what they post. None of the prompt commands that were supposed to solve the broken solution worked except one which was:

c:\vivetool\vivetool.exe /enable /id:44774629, 44850061, 44776738, 42105254, 41655236

 Make sure you put the whole vivetool folder in the root folder of C and name it simply "vivetool". When I hit Enter I got an error message the last 4 id numbers were unknown but apparently just the first was enough and I got the Copilot icon on the taskbar. But even that was buggy since it would now and again disappear, so you'll have to go into the taskbar settings and turn it off and on again to make it show.

Vivetool is not an official Microsoft tool, hence I can't recommend it. If you're using Vivetool, use at it your own risk.

If you any complaints about Windows, report to Feedback hub directly.