Windows chrash after Update

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Hi guys, this would be my first post, so here it goes ...
On October 2, I joined the testers program for the new Windows 10 release 20226.1000 (rs_prerelease), here is the problem.
When starting any Android emulator (Nox, bluestacks, etc) the machine crashes, (Now, no more with bluscreen, now it is green, serious, greenscreen, hehehehe)
Ok, well, from what I can think of, those emulators use the Hardware-assisted Virtualization function, I think the problem may be there, I don't know where, but before installing the release, the emulators worked, now they don't, I listen to any kind of advice, I am also aware that it is a beta tested, so, I would also know if it is just a matter of waiting for them to fix it with a patch.
Thank you so much.
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Hello @gustavinito,


As you said, this is beta version, so crashes are expected. I think you must report it via Feedback hub so that it can be resolved in upcoming builds.


Good luck!