Windows 11

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Yes when I went to download I believe it was the newest version of Windows 11 thanks to The insider program it seemed all right but when I went to turn the computer on later it wouldn't turn on it'll act like it wants to power up but it shuts right off what should I do I need a new computer anyway I want to trade this one in for a new one if you do that with me I'd be grateful my business needs it I'm hurting thank you for your time please get back to me let me know.
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When you turn on the computer, do you see any error message?
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No now it shows the time in my artwork and then when I hit the spacebar it shows my name and my picture and it's supposed to have a password bar but it doesn't it says something happened and your PIN isn't available click to set up your pick when I click on setup pin nothing happens when I click on sign in options nothing happens in the left hand corner of the screen there's a picture of me when my name and then there's a circle with a figure and it says new user when I try to enter a password in the new user bar it says it's for administrator only . So I'm lost.
No knowing if I start it up pushing the shift key I don't get the screen I want to troubleshoot or restart and the buttons that you see on the screenshots the options to sign in change pin doesn't work I get a search bar for password which is only for administrator I don't have access to the code