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Hi Microsoft!

I have CPU INTEL i9-9920X and CPU INTEL i9-9940X in my two desktops.

Why my CPU are not considered available for windows 11?

Thank you.

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Hello @luigicolo1954 ,

I had a very similar situation. I skipped checking with the test tool and just logged into the Insider program, scanned the new updates available and the upgrade to Windows 11 showed up and installed without any problem. Now I have been testing Windows 11 for over a month and a half now.

Thank you so much for your kind contribution. I am sure that MS will updated the official list of available CPU. I hope also the 7th generation. Thank you so much again and have a nice day. Luigi.



The reason these processors don't support as they stopped supporting 7th gen processors developed over 5 years ago. 7th gen isn't able to support as the core to threads count aren't to most standard C/T count from 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th gen Intel processors.


But said, that some Intel 7th Gen PCs "May Support" Win11 like the "Intel’s “Kaby Lake” 7th-gen chips from 2016 and AMD’s Ryzen 1000 processors from mid-2017." but its not set in stone.


All I can say is, if this list of the CPUs are not in the support sheet for win11, it not supported.


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Thank you for your reply!