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1. I have a Configuration of Intel i3-7th generation and using windows 11 in the beta channel is it safe? as windows 11 supports from 8th generations? luckily, I have both tpm 2.0 and UEFI and secure boot so should I use windows 11 or rollback?

2. Will I get all the latest updates of windows 11 as 7th generation processors are not listed in win 11 supported on the Microsoft website?

3. So is it safe to use windows 11 as of now in the dev and beta channel as officially I will not get windows 11! 

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Currently Windows 11 is under evaluation and testing and you might be able to use it but you will face bugs and errors. In case this is a production PC , it is not recommended to use evaluation copy because there might be a case where system or application stop working and you may report but have to wait for fix.
In case it is not listed in the Microsoft website, share a feedback using the Feedback Hub app and request to support it. Windows team are still exploring requirements.
Question 3 is similar to Question 1 and using beta will give you chance to evaluate and find issues in Windows 11 and report them , so the Windows team will fix them before official release. However, in case your PC is for important task, it is not recommended to use the insider version.

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After installing Windows11 - Beta channel, have you noticed that the system has accelerated?

Diagnostic data is automatically sent to Microsoft - so the analysis will determine whether a stable version of Windows11 in the future can be installed on your PC, but it is very likely!