Windows 11 won’t connect to Wi-fi

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I recently installed Windows 11 on my new laptop today, and the Wi-fi immediately stopped working. For any Wi-fi I join, it says, “No internet, secured”. I have tried restarting my laptop, restarting my modem, and resetting my network adapter setings many times
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Please confirm, if you've latest network drivers installed. Also, run Network Adapter troubleshooter from Settings app > System > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters. Let us know what it reports back.


@Kapil Arya 

I had the latest drivers installed and the Troubleshooter said it couldn't detect the exact problem. However, I reverted back to Windows 10. After reverting back to Windows 10 my Wi-fi started working again.

Okay, I recommend you to drop a feedback on this via Feedback hub app.

@adityanigam I have exactly the same problem. I have installed Windows 11 several times with the same result. Always had to return to Windows 10. Troubleshooter doesn't help and I have checked that drivers are up to date.