Windows 11 - Windows Security at a glance is empty

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My Windows Security at a glance is empty .i found out that the windows defender service is also missing .i tried reinstalling the service from another laptop but the problem persists. it also kinda affected microsoft store and it no longer works.

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I have the same problem @Klevy 

So as I. I saw a video on youtube that the only way to totally fix it is to reinstall Windows 11 or some alternative methods but it did not work for me. Fix empty Windows 11 Security or Defender App - YouTube

In this video, I will try to explain how to fix an issue seen after upgrading to Windows 11, where the Windows Security application only displays "Security at a glance". Settings - Windows Security will hang and only closing it works. This is caused by the service "Windows Security Service" or ...
Hey I finally fixed it I did a fresh reinstall via a usb bootable drive and it worked like a charm . It'll work trust me

@Klevy I also reinstalled mine by installing the ISO file from windows 11 a couple days too. I didn't do it by having a USB drive I just did it with the setup.exe when I installed the ISO file. 

I think mine had been corrupted because installing it using setup file didn't fix it until I booted up from a bootable drive having formatted my drives

Before reinstalling Windows, you may perform some basic troubleshooting steps and that would solve the issue. I advise you to open start and search for cmd or Command prompt and right click and run it as administrator and type the following command:


sfc /scannow


Press enter and let it runs.

If it detected, it find and fix corrupted files, then try open the Windows Security and see if the problem persist?

I did all that and even did the restore health command but it didn't work . I already fixed it though

@Reza_Ameri I just reinstalled windows 11 and its working again. I did those basic cmd fixes too but it didn't work for me. 

Thank you for sharing, make sure share all bugs and errors using the Feedback Hub app (before reinstalling Windows) , so the Windows team would be able to investigate and resolve the issue.
like the others, same problem, tried many solutions, only reinstall worked. This is the second time in 4 weeks that I lose 1/2 day to sort this problem. Microsoft, wake up please!
It is not easy to investigate the issue and it might be due to several issues like corrupted files, conflicting drivers, fail of loading certain components and so on. However, we advise you to report it using the Feedback Hub app, because it will collect and send data (with your permission) and the Windows team would be able to analyze and fix the root problem.