Windows 11 when renaming a file, file explorer instead opens the file

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After installing Windows 11, when using the file explorer rename option for a file, the file name is highlighted, but on clicking inside the highlighted file name to edit and change the file name, instead file explorer opens the file. After about twenty repeated attempts, I did manage to get the cursor inside the highlighted file name and change it, but on attempting to rename another file, the same behaviour occurred.

In the end I gave up and uninstalled the Windows 11 update and reverted back to Windows 10. This allowed me to rename files without any issues.

Why did this issue happen in Windows 11? And is there a fix?

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@robinpikeWindows 11 seems to have removed the old option in File Eplorer for file renaming - the only workaround I found is to right click the file, select properties and you can rename the file there, but this si a bit cumbersome. Also Win11 have replace the old double click with a single mouse click - this is super annoying when one's default behaviour is to double click to open files, single click just to select them - wish MS would stop altering things like this for no useful reason. I keep accidentally now opening two copies of everything.

Agreed, this makes simple processes SO much more work!  it also one of the contributing factors for finding and using other operating systems, simple things like renaming files becomes extremely frustrating and annoying now, just makes me want to shoot these developers in the kneecaps before shooting them in the head.  it's a pity that they don't listen to the public on matters like this and adjust their product accordingly