Windows 11 Virtual Desktop - method to customize taskbar per desktop (instead of same for all)

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First off... I LOVE the virtual desktop feature.  Thank you Thank you Thank you... that has been a favorite feature of Linux GDE's for years for me (is it safe to mention I'm a Linux user in here??? :xd:)


So now the question -- and its truly ICING for the cake which no one NEEDS but it sure is GOOD:

Can I hack registry, set GPO, create a special ini file somewhere, powershell-fu or beg a feature update my way into having a different taskbar configuration per virtual desktop?


I am not a stranger to any of those, but do not recall seeing anything like that recently.  I do truly understand the scope of that request so no hard feelings here.  Google was not my friend on this subject other than to reveal I am far from the only asker.  And of course you know the registry tree is like the library of congress - if you aren't a frequent flyer then the many seemingly duplicate areas in alternate locations and the oh so fun GUID-only labeled options (and the hidden options you have to know the key name exists to add in and modify by hand) need a little bit of indexing for us folk that didn't design that monster of a database.  No knocks there, but I have worked with various devs for 12 years now and I know there is top secret stuff in there that you Windows devs will never reveal to us common WindowsOS non-dev folk :happyface: (and tbh it's usually for very good reasons )

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