Windows 11 Update not working

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My Windows 11 update stopped working on July 16.  Before that it worked just fine. I am on the "DEV" channel. Unknown why.  On another computer Update still works.  Any help would be appreciated.


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In the PC with the problem , open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.


I did post it on Feedback on the 16th or 17th.  Even sent a screenshot of the issue.

You will need to send only one feedback and Windows team will look into it.


Did this as asked and posted on the date I had posted before.


I would check the settings on both computers and perhaps the configuration is the reason for the error - I think writing reviews will not fix the error - unfortunately!


OK. Now I already checked ALL my settings on both computers and they are the same.  Even tried to do a OS "Reset" and still not working.  Any other Ideas?

Great, the Windows team will review and attempt to solve it.


If there are still problems, the solution is to download the ISO and install it manually.

please write how you manage to fix - it will be helpful to others.


Had to do a "Reset", saving nothing and did "Cloud" install. NOW working.

Thank you for answering it helps others - you had to delete all your personal files
if I understood well?
As I stated above, YES.
Very many users - they don't want to do that!
But often it is the only solution.
Good luck Andrew
Hey! I was having the same problem but this tutorial worked for me: It didn't work at first so I was disappointed. I must've just had to wait. I also went into a remote desktop session but idk if that affected anything. Tell me if this helps!
it worked with me , and i think the problem at first was because i instaled old version of office