Windows 11 Update Failed, then Windows Update failed

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I was just offered the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11 in the Release Preview Channel. I gladly accepted the offer. The upgrade downloaded, then installed (seemingly 100%), and then rebooted. Windows came back up and it looked exactly the same as before. I checked Windows Update and I was again offered the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11. I again accepted the offer, the upgrade downloaded, and the machine rebooted. When it came back up I wasn't surprised - the machine was still a Windows 10 Pro version 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1263) machine.
I then tried a simple Windows Update, and rather than finding any updates Windows Update encountered an error. I retried finding updates many times, but I continued to get the error (0xc1900101). The option to upgrade to Windows 11 has disappeared.
I read that it might help to unplug attached devices. I did that for all but my mouse and keyboard and rebooted. Tried doing Windows Update again and got the same error (0xc1900101).
I went to the Insider Program, clicked on "Get Help," opened a chat, and then was directed to post here. Hope someone can help.
My machine is an Intel NUC with Core i7-10710 processor and 64 GB of RAM. It has Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0.

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Yes, but if you have such problems now, I would download the update for Windows10, and Update automatically after checking and without risk to the computer will install Windows11.
Updates were working less than 24 hours ago, but after trying to upgrade to Windows 11 yesterday updates once again stopped working. (You reading my posts here?)
I meant to update with the help of a tool for creating multimedia it also works for many people!

Here's a possible explanation of what I've been experiencing. As those who have been following this discussion know, after attempting to upgrade to Windows 11 under the Release Preview Channel of Windows Insider (an opportunity that I was offered in Windows Update and which also appeared in notifications) I was unable to achieve any result, and thereafter I got errors when trying to use Windows Update. I decided to drop out of the Windows Insider program temporarily. I rebooted and voila! Windows Update was again available. I re-joined the Release Preview Channel of Windows Insider, rebooted, and updates were still available and (at least as of now) I am not offered the chance to upgrade to Windows 11.  Perhaps Microsoft invited my upgrade prematurely?


I just ran the Windows Update and got the attached file.  Dare I do this again?  (I've seen this same upgrade offer many, many times now, and running it will likely cause errors in my getting future non-upgrade updates.)




Ignore it, of course!

When your system is ready, you will receive an inquiry and you will have to agree to the new version of the system.


Hey Ron, If im not mistaken there are 3 insider ISO, Beta Prievew and a dev, the dev and beta are Windows 11 and the preview is windows 10os with additional features
Yes. That is correct. I thought if I got the update I might then be able to get the Win 11 upgrade....
Which version did you download?, you have to choose either Dev or Beta, (Recommend Beta) for 11
Should I back out of the Windows Insider program?
I am in the Release Preview Channel. I downloaded what I could for that channel hoping that might help get the Windows 11 upgrade (the one that Windows Update keeps offering me but failing to install). But, as you know, I wasn't able to get that one mounted.
I think so!
But that's just to get a stable version of Windows11.
Of course, other insider program participants don't have to do so, but it's worth a try.
Good luck
Isn't the Release Preview Channel supposed to give only a stable version, ready for release?
After all, you could not install - so your problem
is more complicated and you can always return to the Insider program after the correct one.
And I still have a question if you have enabled - optional diagnostics? and of course write feedback on this topic in the Feedback Center for Windows > updates by adding error logs, please do it !

@A1 wrote:
And I still have a question if you have enabled - optional diagnostics?

You do know that you cannot be a Windows Insider if you haven't enabled optional diagnostics, right?

Thank you for the informative discussion!.
Sounds like everyone's stumped. A relatively new, high end machine, running well (with this one exception), with updated drivers and bios, cannot receive an update that is offered by Windows update.... Something's wrong here. Isn't there some way to determine what is causing this?

Haven't given up yet. Tried doing a Diagnostic Startup (using msconfig) and elimination of all but MS programs from startup (using task manager) - just to see if there might be some installed program that was interfering with the installation. Remember, I've run sfc /scannow several times now and all's well there. When done disabling startup programs, I rebooted and then went to Windows Update and again tried to upgrade to Windows 11. As it rebooted I watched "installing updates" immediately jump from 0% to 77%, then it restarted. On the way back up, it again reported installing updates. I got to the deesktop and - yes, unfortunately, nothing changed. No error message. Windows update still asks if I want to upgrade to Windows 11. Again, a total waste of time. I'll attach a couple screen-shots here.

As I said, I haven't given up yet. I used Rufus (as recommended at to set up a bootable USB drive using the Windows 10 ISO file provided at the Windows Insider site for the Release Preview Channel. I ran the setup from that USB drive and re-installed the latest version of Windows 10. After completion, my OS Build went from 19043.1263 to 19044.1263. I ran Windows Update and was surprised to see yet another Update was available. I installed it, and now I have a completely up-to-date Windows 10 machine that is enrolled in the Release Preview Channel and which is not being offered the upgrade to Windows 11 (at least not yet). Something tells me that this is precisely where I should have been all along.  We'll see.

Yes, that's where I got the ISO file I just used