Windows 11 Update Failed, then Windows Update failed

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I was just offered the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11 in the Release Preview Channel. I gladly accepted the offer. The upgrade downloaded, then installed (seemingly 100%), and then rebooted. Windows came back up and it looked exactly the same as before. I checked Windows Update and I was again offered the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11. I again accepted the offer, the upgrade downloaded, and the machine rebooted. When it came back up I wasn't surprised - the machine was still a Windows 10 Pro version 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1263) machine.
I then tried a simple Windows Update, and rather than finding any updates Windows Update encountered an error. I retried finding updates many times, but I continued to get the error (0xc1900101). The option to upgrade to Windows 11 has disappeared.
I read that it might help to unplug attached devices. I did that for all but my mouse and keyboard and rebooted. Tried doing Windows Update again and got the same error (0xc1900101).
I went to the Insider Program, clicked on "Get Help," opened a chat, and then was directed to post here. Hope someone can help.
My machine is an Intel NUC with Core i7-10710 processor and 64 GB of RAM. It has Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0.

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Did all these things before submitting my request here.
It is necessary to analyze the execution of a clean installation of Windows10 , but the disk will be formatted and all personal files deleted.
This seems to be the only solution ever offered. I have another machine that had the exact same issue with updates. I decided to retire that machine after getting the same "advice" here.
I understand your frustration.
Your PC has a large hardware supply and shouldn't have any trouble installing Windows11.
It will certainly be a problem for Microsoft and users if it does not prepare a fix in the future.

Hey I dunno if youve fixed this or not however you need to run the check for updates after the reboot and win 11 should download. This is done after your enrollment and reboot
Here the system files are corrupted and the problem is with the installation because of this probably - because of this, the migration stops.
So downloading here has nothing to do with it.
To my knowledge there has been no event to cause system files to become corrupt, unless the Windows 11 upgrade did the corrupting. Updates worked fine before I accepted the upgrade offer. The system (other than Windows update) works flawlessly. If I am forced to do a clean install can I do that with Windows 11 directly? I was not given installation media when I bought my computer.
Random thought but are your files encrypted if so try decrypting then running it again
Yes, I did have Bit-locker turned on. I'll try that. Thanks!
Enrolled months ago. Win 11 downloads (at least it says it has) and installs (again, it says it has) and then asks to reboot, which I do, and when it comes back up nothing was done - and there's no error message. Running update now simply shows the update error I have mentioned here.
I feel as You might want to decrypt the entire drive and make sure you don't have a locked drive partition.
Elevated PowerShell: Manage-bde --status
It says it is "decrypting" now.
Thought that might do it. After decrypting, the machine updated without a hitch and again offered me a chance to upgrade to Windows 11. Again I accepted. It showed installation 100%, then scheduled my restart (I restated it immediately), and when it came back up it said it was getting Windows ready. Hmm, could that mean it was getting Windows 11 ready for me? Unfortunately, NO. Same OS is installed (Windows 10 Pro). No error codes - it's as if nothing happened at all. Now all my Windows 10 updates are installed (at least that problem is resolved), and I have the original "Upgrade to Windows 11 is ready - and it's free" offer in Windows Update. Should I try it again for the 6th time? I guess I will, but I don't have much hope that it will install.
after you install it and it downloads and reboots, it comes up as windows 10, then you should go to settings and update and select check for update, then a windows 11 build will download from the updates and install as normal. Also check to make sure that your dev tools are turned on. To do this go to settings and then find the allow remote connection from computers on my network and the allow usb connections option. Toggle those on and you should get a message stating windows is downloading additional tools.

If you have a windows insider account you can go to the insider ISO download page and do it that way
I have tried back-to-back installs of the Windows 11 upgrade (Upgrade indicates it is being installed and getting Windows ready, but no change is actually occurring) several times. I did't have developer mode turned on - just did that and toggled the USB switch as you suggested, and am trying to upgrade again now. Will let everyone know how it goes. BTW, every time it has to re-download the upgrade. Wouldn't it save time if the download was done just the first time (not every time)?
I believe I understand you correctly but just so I understand you have gone to the insiders tab downloaded it, rebooted, then gone to the windows update , run the update check , and windows will download a windows 11 update ... select download ISO, enter credintials for insider downlaod the Win 11 home ISO, once downloaded open the ISO and at the bottom should be a setup.exe file to run
Well, got the additional tools, as you suggested, by turning on developer mode, and turning on the USB switch. Tried installing the upgrade again but no luck. I'll try using the ISO next time.


I wonder if in your situation after so many attempts it may be worth waiting for a stable
Windows11 version.
And these are the currently available ISO versions
The safest form of updating, however, is Update Windows - it provides a trouble-free return to the previous version of the system and does not expose you to failure.
please think about it.

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