Windows 11 update error 0x8024a203

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I am trying to update my laptop to windows 11. The check shows that my system can support it. I am currently on Windows 10 Home 10.0.19042. Machine is an Asus X705UNR with an i7, 8Mb RAM. I've done this update process several times and have resolved several errors (deleted the DataStore folder and confirmed I have enough space is my reserved partition before each attempt, manually deleted a ridiculous number of language folders to make sure there is space in my reserved partition, and turned off the Malwarbytes antivirus).  Each time I get a little further... But now after a full download, 100% installation, it dies when it gets to 41% while staring at the blue screen of pain when I restart. The C drive where windows is trying to install has 157Gb free. After it fails, everything goes back to windows 10.



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